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The “2012 International Energy Conservation Code” Section C402. is now requiring that completed commercial buildings “shall be tested and the air leakage rate of the building envelope shall not exceed 0.40 cfm/sq. ft. “ Because many local jurisdictions are now adopting this code, Precision Air & Water Balance has become NEBB certified for Building Enclosure Testing and obtained “state of the art” commercial blower door and thermographic testing equipment.  


Precision Air & Water Balance now works with owners, architects, engineers and contractors to meet the above code requirement and helps building owners get the peace of mind associated with achieving optimum building performance. 


Using thermal imaging combined with negatively pressurizing the building using the blower door, problem areas of air barrier leakage can be identified and repaired early in the building process when these repairs can be made cost effectively. This process helps to ensure that building air barriers will meet the requirements of the above energy code and achieve the energy efficiency every building owner should require. 

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