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Project: Casey's Bar Whitefish


Project Type: Design


Status: Completed 2012


Casey’s was an interesting and difficult design project for us.  The building  itself created tough design parameters being only 20 feet wide but about 100 feet long while having five occupied floors.  The owner requirements included multiple kitchens on multiple floors, high occupancy areas, rooftop seating with snow melt & cooling, and a low noise requirement.

We accomplished these requirements through incorporating various equipment and ideas.  The roof top snow melt & cooling system consists of a radiant style tubing system that utilizes a series of ground loop piping to reject heat in the summer and absorb heat in the winter.  The heating and cooling zones are supplied by constant volume air handlers with economizer control, dx cooling and hydronic heating.  The final product is a comfortable atmosphere year round to enjoy the offerings of Casey’s Bar.

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