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Building Owners and the overall construction industry demand performance and energy efficiency from today’s complex HVAC Systems.

Precision Air and Water Balance is certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB), which is an international certification organization for Test, Adjust & Balance professionals. We are a NEBB Certified TAB service provider and we are NEBB certified in Air and Hydronics, and Building Enclosure Testing (BET). We have three NEBB Professionals and one NEBB Technician on our team.

Testing, Adjusting and Balancing is a process where heating and air conditioning systems are tested against design standards, adjusted for maximum efficiency, and balanced to provide optimum comfort for the occupants. The work typically covers balancing and adjusting air and water distribution in areas of the building served by an HVAC system, and verification and adjustment of heating and cooling loads to insure proper indoor environmental conditions are maintained. Areas that do not meet the engineer’s design standards are referred to the appropriate party for correction. Reports are prepared documenting performance and compliance with design standards.


Does your existing building need Balancing?


Most new construction and remodels specifically require a NEBB certified balance but your existing space may require one if any of the following conditions are true of your building:

  • Kitchen odors in the dining area

  • Recent work done to your HVAC system or changes to your demand load

  • Employees or customer find the temperature changes uncomfortable

  • Utility bills have significantly increased


A well-balanced building maximizes comfort and ensures proper airflow as well as delivers substantial savings.


NEBB's Quality Assurance Program 

Precision Air & Water Balance’s s NEBB Certified Professionals and Technicians apply their HVAC testing, adjusting and balancing experience to your project.  This, coupled with our engineering and Building Commissioning expertise ensures your project is properly adjusted and meets the owner`s project requirements.  NEBB Quality Assurance Program.

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